Wales Training Weekend

I had a problem on the trip down to the hotel on the Friday, puncturing a mile short of Newtown, in Wales.
The heavens had opened by now and weather conditions were appalling. Andy Bonner who was last man, stopped and we started to look at the tyre. Just then, a chap on a grey Honda (well used) Blackbird pulled up and offered us the use of his compressor and also his repair kit.
As a new member of BAM, I did not know him, just thought what great help I’m getting here and was grateful people were not going to leave me stranded. By the time we had fixed the problem he had introduced himself as Paul and said he was leading the ride down to the hotel. We fixed the flat using Paul’s repair kit and compressor. Further drama occurred when we had to push Paul’s Blackbird up a steep hill to bump start it. The compressor had flattened the battery. We set off to Aberystwyth and this ride turned into one of the most memorable rides, I have ever had. The weather was very grim now, with the rain hammering down and the road was more like a river in places, but the scenery and roads were great, if a little hard to see through the low grey brooding clouds. Once Paul seemed happy my tyre was holding up, pace picked up and I started to realise what a fantastic rider he was. He had overtaken cars without any effort and gone, while I was still thinking about my overtakes. It was a masterclass in smooth wet weather riding and worth the price of the weekend alone for me. I am nervous in the wet and it illustrated to me that a modern bike can handle the conditions with no bother; it’s down to the rider, good planning and technique. Meanwhile, Andy who is another great instructor was observing my riding from behind, so the puncture was almost worth having to get this input from two experienced and very helpful instructors.
Of course, when I told the tale back in the pub on the night, Paul’s background became clear and I was probably the only one who did not know he was a class one Police rider, no wonder he was a bit good.
The next day was ‘interesting’, with further rubber malfunctions – (Again, Andy and Paul to the rescue!) but that’s another story and you probably had to be there…and you should have been, so don’t miss the chance to get on this weekend when it comes up again, or indeed any other of the training that is offered by BAM. The different range of skills and insights each instructor brings would be hard to find in any other training scenarios. Highly recommended! – Paul Quirk

Kevin Songhurst

kevin songhurst

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