Tuono V4 1100

Tuono V4 1100 – by Martin Doran
En route to the Test Ride on my beloved Fireblade, I was mindful of the fact that this beauty would take some beating and why on earth was I ever considering a change anyway?
The truth being, three Fireblade’s ago and in the showroom about to buy a Tuono twin, I test rode and fell in love with my first Fireblade.
After 10 minutes of the salesman blinding me with science with which button sorts which mapping, traction control, wheelie setting, launch control etc. etc. etc. I had definitely lost the will……Just let me just ride the thing! One turn of the key and the Tuono barked into life, with a boisterous, but melodious, orchestra of V4 1100 horses singing in my ears, pure MotoGP, it was an instant love affair.

Ok, now that the initial euphoria of a new ‘friend’ is over, it’s about this time you learn about those annoying habits!
Let’s get this bit out of the way: No fuel gauge….Really! Just a bright light to say “Hey, best find a garage quick!”. So from 100 mile onwards, keep an eye on the dash! (Normally
good for 120 mile total). The electronic command switch is a side to side configuration, the same as the indicators located right next to it, need I say more…..
(This has since been rectified on the 2017 model).
The rest is just pure bliss. Riding the Tuono is a dream, however, on track, initially, I was somewhat bemused by the lack of ‘umph’, from the Tuono, however, with a few minor adjustments to the electronics and the machine was a completely different animal, from pussycat to roaring beast in three simple clicks!
The Tuono engine’s has huge amounts of torque and power that threatens to yank your arms out of their sockets anywhere above 4,000 rpm.
I now know why you need all these electronic gizmos as the aPRC wheelie control gets a workout on the V4 1100, constantly stepping in to keep the front wheel earthbound.
But keep the throttle pinned, and the Tuono builds power and speed at an increasingly ferocious rate of knots.
There’s so much power and torgue, you need the Aprilia aPRC electronics to keep things in check. Even with the traction control at Level 1 (the least amount of intervention), the electronics intrude quite a lot more than expected, just a well, as even at this setting, the Tuono is a tyre muncher!
The Brembo monoblock’s are nothing short of fabulous and the clutch is light with very excellent feel and the relatively wide handlebars gives you plenty of leverage for every turn-in. To summaries the Tuono V4 1100, a spectacular machine with more torque, power and electronic wizardry than 99% of rider’s need/ Do I feel any ‘Buyers
Remorse’?….. Naaah – NEVER.

The future is DEFENIATELY NOT orange!

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