Triumph 765 Street Triple R

765cc inline 3 cylinder 116 bhp. • 77 Nm torque. • 166 Kg dry weight. • 17.4 L fuel tank. • 825mm seat height. • Fully adjustable suspension front & rear. Traction control & 3 engine modes • ABS • Tft full colour dash with display options

There I was shortly due to lead a full members run when the editor walks over and says that’s a nice looking new bike, fancy writing about it for the club magazine? Err, um, err, maybe, came my hesitant reply, nothing much he says about five hundred words, a photo or two and a bit of the bikes spec.
Nothing much he says! Well ok then, I’ll give it a shot. My previous bike was an Aprilia Falco, long, quite heavy, getting a bit long in the tooth and starting to develop various problems so it had to go. There’s nothing about  comparable now so what should I go for. I looked at the adventure style bikes but they’re all to big for the space I currently have available, I looked at sports bikes but my knees don’t bend so well any more so something traditional seemed to be the way to go but not retro I rode through that style first time around and I like the past to stay in the past, so what does that leave? Well every manufacturer offers something in the middleweight range so what do I need? well about 1000 bhp, 0 to 100 in 2 seconds 100 to 0 in 5 metres is my first thought and new riding gear with some very brown trousers is my second. So lets think again, the last bike had about 118
bhp it was manageable enough & fast enough to not get left behind so a new bike with about the same power and perhaps a bit less weight but still capable of taking a
pillion so plenty of torque needed. I looked at Suzuki, a bit heavy & don’t like the colours much, I looked at Honda, heavy again & a bit bland Yamaha some potential there, Kawasaki heavy again and those exhausts! Ducati, I’ve had a V twin & fancy a change, Triumph Hmmm, the new Street Triple, time for a test ride.
Test ride arranged for 1 pm at Triumph Birmingham on their Street Triple RS, the weather was fine & dry I could normally have the bike for a couple of hours but as there’s no one after me I just need to be back before 5.00pm. I headed out to roads I know well but hadn’t gone beyond a couple of miles before I was sure I was going to buy one, but not to waste a ride out I kept going and tried every sort of road I could find except motorways and had an absolute blast, arrived back at 4.50pm, to late to to do anything but hand the keys back. The following week after much reading of magazine and internet reviews I went back and ordered a 765 Street Triple R in black with a variety of extras (my partner
will never notice) for delivery 1st September. Since delivery I’ve covered 1200 plus miles and thoroughly enjoyed every one, it’s comfortable enough to ride till you need to fill up, about 150 miles. Both the clutch and the throttle are light to use and give great control. The brakes work well and give plenty of feel and the ABS seems quite gentle in its operation. I haven’t felt the traction control working yet so I obviously must try harder. I haven’t carried a pillion yet either, apparently it’s too cold but I don’t envisage any problems. All I need now warmer weather and more time.

Review by Colin Wyatt

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