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Hi All
Yes alright then Brian I’ll put my name forward…. Here we are then your new Chairman..
Where do I begin?
My biking career, born in 1965 the 70’s was when I developed an interest in all things 2 wheeled. Having learned to master the art of mostly staying upright on a powered motorcycles by way of “tearing it up over the rough” on a
stripped down Honda C50. I was hooked. I loved that bike.
My first road bike was a Yamaha RD125DX. That was excellent and gave m my first tast of freedom and the open road. I loved that bike. Still at seventeen I past my test and could not wait to and by a big bike so I could keep up with the big boys who had LC250’s. I had always had a craving for a Kawasaki Z650 as one of our gang had one and back then it looked really cool… I got one which was second hand and ..I loved that bike… It was fast , even back then but as a teenager I was poor with throttle control and had to get some guidence from the boys in blue. Thankfully the only “compulsary enforced” advice I have had in my biking caeer. Lesson learned… Having received my lesson, when my insurance renewal came round again I though nah that’s too much and decided that 4 wheels might be a better option and quite rightly believed at some point im going to need a car anyway. I sold that Z650and with a tear in my eye is said goodbye as the new custodian zoomed of down the road on my former pride and joy. I can still sometimes hear the sound of that Piper 4-1 exaust in my mind.
After 12 months in my Brown Fiesta the burning desire for two wheel could not be extinguished. We all know once a biker always a biker. I decided I could not do with out a car but I WANT a bike. So after a bit of scrimping and saving I purchased a Kenny Roberts stlyle RD 250LC. I was back in the big time…I loved that bike. I kept that for a couple of years then sold it for £400…If only I new then what I know now..
Over the following years since then I left home I forged a carrer brought houses and my bike were on hold.
Roll forward to 1992 aged 27 I NEEDED to get back into bikes again. Once a biker always a biker. I ordered a brand new Honda CBR 600 (K604RFP if anyone knows its whereabouts).
The gap from the LC to this was immense. It was the fasted thing on earth to me ….back then. It was the the first bike I took abroad with a trip to the 24 hours at LeMans. I loved that bike . Since then I have been able to be with a bike with no real gaps of any note. I progressed from the CBR 600 to a new 96 Fireblade. Another Fireblade , Blackbird , CBR400, 2014 Kawasaki z1000sx. I loved them all.
My current bikes below. 1979 Z650. I never really got over losing my Z650 when I was 17 as it was my first big bike and I had so much fun on it (mostly). So much that a few years back I brough this as a running project off e-Bay and fully restored it to the beauty she is now.
My 2017 Bonnie is great for cruising around and it’s an effortless torque moster. My 2017 1200 Explorer is the best bike I have ever ridden and feels like you could go round the world on it no bother what so ever. Power, comfort and handling. It’s got the lot. Even two up as the phote of me and Mrs B shows. This was us last year on our way to the Yorkshire Moors.. I love these bikes. Other than bikes I mix my time between firstly my wife Emma and three daughters, work, Wolverhampton Wanderers and golf (12 handicap at the Belfry). Work for me is McDonalds. I started when I was 17 in Dudley. After a career with the company which saw me take on many roles
• Crew member
• Restaurant manager
• Area supervisor
• Regional Training Officer
• Franchising Consultant
I am now the franchisee of three restaurants in Birmingham and they take up the majority of my time. I have 260 employees across the 3 restaurant’s and we serve 1.4 million customers per year. I run a charity golf day every year and over the past 9 years it has raised over 200k which has been donated to Ronald McDonald House Birmingham. A home for parents to stay for free when their child is ill in hospital. I was the chairman of the fundraising group for three years which raises funds to keep the house running. I was really proud to do that hence why I run the gold day. Year 10 here we come…Taking on the role of chairman of BAM is an honour for me as I have enjoyed the benefits of BAM and IAM RoadSmart for many years and I only hope I can put back as much as I have taken out and do the position justice.

Kevin Songhurst

kevin songhurst

The website design team working with BAM, from UK Design Group. Also do work with TUI formerly Thomson Holidays and First Choice holidays.

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