system works even when you didn’t know it

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    Hi all,just thought i'd share my drive to work this morning, I was in the car driving down a fairly twisty unlight road in the rain at 6;30am (so still fully dark). Out of boredom and to keep myself awake I practice the system even on comparatively slow roads so I was both alert and attentive despite the early hour. Taking a left hand long radius bend I was looking through the trees on the fairly open bend to observe what hazards might be ahead. I had also moved out to the white line as much as possible to help increase vision further.About halfway round the bend just as the bend opens up and I could see up the road I became aware of a pedestrian alongside me walking in the road on the inside of the bend at the apex and dressed fully in black! If I had seen him at all leading up to the bend, he would have appeared to be just another tree because of his relatively slow movement and similar colouring / shape. as it is I openly admit I did not see him or recognise any hazard. Had I taken a lazy line or a racing line he would not have been noticed until I hit him; only the fact I had positioned for safety (vision) saved his life.My point for posting is to show other associates how important it is to make this stuff part of driving and not just for the test.I'm not sure if this is the correct place on the forum for this (mods please move if so) I thought if its well recieved others might also share experiences too.

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    IAM  Not just for Christmas

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