Supercorsa part-worn tyres

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    As part of the preparation for the BAM France tour, I'm about to change the tyres that came with my bike for some proper ones.  It came with Supercorsas, which are absolutely horrible on the road.  They would however make brilliant track day tyres.  They're about one-third worn, mostly in the middle obviously.  They never got warm enough on the road to generate sufficient confidence to explore the edges…I'll be calling into Wheelhouse tyres some time in the next few days to get the job done.  If any of you want the Supercorsas, let me know and we can arrange to meet there.Bob07808 571251 or

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    What size bob… looking for 190 rear on my blade. 🖒

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    Sorry Ivan, 180 on the back.

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    Ok no worries… thanks for posting🖒

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