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    Well it was that time of year to renew insurance,troll round the web sites and the best quote i could get only by a few ££ over IAM was Carol Nash.I found out that Surity is no long doing bike insurance in Southern Ireland they have come to an agreement with Carol Nash for them to take it over.i also found out if you get a good quote from Carol Nash, Surity will beat it every time, thats if your best Quote was from Nash.If you get a tip its worth passing on, If you have to ride fast take care .

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    Mu best quote was from Hastings Direct with Class 1 business for Observing, some £70 cheaper than Surity but when I went back they met that as well

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    If you give Surity at least 2 quotes from other companies they will do their best to better it They have problems with younger people and high points If you are over 75 could be a problem but you need to have a clear licence and at least 5 years no claim.

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