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    Hi All…has anyone got any contacts or can suggest a clear protective film to cover the side fairing of my tank. On the new VFR1200 the tank is pretty small but on both sides is a plastic panel, its getting pretty scuffed and I want some kind of protection on it… Any Ideas ?Thanks Mark

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    Hi MarkStuart Turner is your man or knows a man he has had his bike and car done swears by it.Andy

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    Fab Andy, Ill give him a bell in the week.Thanks

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    There you go……http://www.3mventureshield.co.ukGot it on the Blade, brought the kit, easy to install.M

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    Or fit a Baglux tank cover?

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    Hi,just phoned the local dealer for Birmingham which is in Daventry.the DIY kit is around £90 for it to be fitted add £110. (£200 in total)http://www.3mventureshield.co.uk/find-installer/bodyguard-uk/

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    Cheers All.. Looked at the 3M kit as suggested, looks easy to fit.£40 for tank, not a bad price..Thanks again

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    Hi Gents, if you want wrapping done, back in March ( I think it was), I had my then new Matt Black Triumph 675 wrapped. It was done by a local chap recommended to me by a Race Team I used to work for. His name is Tony James Design. Number 07718 000561. He will do it at your premises and carries a vinyl cutter in his van, cuts the panels and fits them there and then. He is a total perfectionist and won't except anything but perfect, and only uses the best materials. I know this sounds like an advert and I'm not on commission honestly. I just used him and was very impressed ( as you can tell). He is only local, I think he lives on Cheswick Green Solihull. Well worth a call, myself and Cus were going to get him round to do our bikes. CheersPhil.

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    Mark, I've just seen this postIt's Tony James Design I useAs just mentioned in the previous post by Phil.He does a fantastic JobGet him to fit itRegardsStuart

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    I use venture shield on all the bikes I've owned over the last 10 years it's great just had my new ktm1290 s done used bodyguard at daventry very good again.Safe ridingPaul

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