Sports bikes – you’ve got to love ‘em! I`ve had a few in the past and like a lot of us moved toward the adventure bikes in recent years but I`ve missed the sports bike and I have always felt at home on them.
I made the mistake of taking up the offer of riding Marcus’ S1000RR whilst on hollibobs in Portugal. The day was dry and bright, the roads were traffic free and twisty – perfect conditions for any sports bike (though I think he enjoyed revving the gonads out of my KTM Superduke GT just as much). Long story short I didn’t want to hand the bike back as I was thoroughly enjoying the sweepers and those oh so grippy roads… bliss. I soon realised on this excursion just how much this/ the Sports bike had moved on. Back to the UK and within a couple of weeks a good part ex was negotiated with Pidcocks in Long Eaton. The bike was an ex demo Sports model with the performance pack, flashy paint job, BMW factory alarm (reassuring), cruise control and heated grips. 600 miles on the clock with its first service completed and it was deal done! She has been named Rhonda – Rhonda faster than any Honda! However, as I write this Rhonda is already obsolete!! They have brought out a new one. I was aware of the model coming out for 2019 and as such took up the fantastic offer on the table for my ex demo so still a happy customer. So what’s good about the outgoing S1000RR? Fantastic piece of engineering and quite simply it’s really well made. Loads and loads of power it just keeps delivering shove! You can ride it around enthusiastically up to 8000 rpm and overtake pretty much anything – beyond 8000rpm the bike goes into a warp drive that Dr Spock would be proud of. The bike redlines at 14500 rpm so that gives you an idea of the full potential if you get a chance to use it.
An old school analogue rev counter and a bewildering LCD display showing quite frankly a load of information that is not relevant for the road i.e. lap times, lean angles, how many times the ABS activated.
It has switchable power modes and also a slick mode feature which allows you to adjust the amount of traction control and ABS intervention on the move etc, etc its all track relevant but useful for the road is the switchable power modes which interact with the
electronic suspension. The chassis and suspension I think is sublime, it handles so well and is surprisingly comfortable on rough roads and certainly well set up for the smooth stuff – active suspension is the stuff of witchcraft! The brakes are great too when shaving off some speed from 70 ahem! Every ride so far on this bike has left me with a huge grin on my face and that is why I love it even though it is bog eyed! I won`t bore you with all the technical details but it is light and powerful and is great fun to ride – the new one is
even lighter and even more powerful and probably even more fun. Go and get one and let’s start a Sports bike renaissance. Your wrists and back will be fine trust me.

Kevin Songhurst

kevin songhurst

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