BMW R1200RT Iconic

For the special edition BMW decided to make them with a custom painted burgundy/black paintjob with matching top box and pretty much all the optional extras added to the bike including the audio system, oddly the only one missing was the keyless ignition.
This means it has the 125HP 1200cc water cooled version of the tried and tested boxer twin engine common to many models in the BMW range with shaft drive via a six speed gearbox which has plenty of low down torque but is surprisingly lively if you get the revs into the top third of the tacho. Instruments are a big analogue speedo and tacho with a colour TFT display for everything else. Suspension is telelever at the front and swinging arm rear with electronic damping and preload adjustment, as with most of the features this is controlled through menus by a thumbwheel on the left bar. This lets you set preload (for one up, one with luggage and two up) at the touch of a button and even allows you select soft/normal/hard damping while riding. All I can say is this just seems to work giving the impression that the bike just takes any road surface in it’s stride and smoothes it out for you. As standard they have ABS and traction control all linked to the riding mode selection but as well as Rain and Road modes you get Dynamic as an extra option. Riding modes can be selected using a single button while riding (avoids going through menus with the thumbwheel) which sets throttle response, stability control settings and damping to defaults for each mode.
Touring practicality is assured by having a top box which can take 2 full-face helmets, panniers which can take a full-face helmet each or plenty of luggage and two useful little storage compartments in the fairing big enough for wallet, phone, passport etc close to hand. All lock with the remote control central locking which I find very handy. My only disappointment is the removable sat nav can’t be locked to the bike so has to be removed and locked away if you stop for a break.
Other toys are too many to list so I’ll just mention the highlights. The electric adjustable screen is great – move it down to the lowest to pretend to be a sportsbike and when you get tired just push the up button – as the screen goes up all the noise and buffeting stops as it pushes all the wind over your head. Great if you need to do any distance on autoroutes and with the full fairing gives good weather protection as well. Heated seats and grips have enough power to keep my extremities warm even when temperatures are close to zero but the real plus is when touring you don’t need to take extra gear in case it gets cold.
The bike has a quickshifter, allowing clutchless shifting up and down. When I first had the bike I tried it and thought it was a bit clunky and not something I would use much, but after using it for a while now I use it all the time and find it very good for second gear and above. The hill start assist is another feature which holds the rear brake on until you pull away, not something I use often but when you’re 2 up and have to stop on a steep hill right foot down because of the camber it can save you from embarrassment. The cruise control comes in handy for effortless long distance trips, and is very easy to use. Tyre pressure monitoring is another great feature which not only can give a real time display of tyre pressure but will give you a red light warning if a tyre is low pressure.
In conclusion a great bike for one or two up touring, with as much luggage space as you could expect the reassurance of up to date safety features. Yes it is quite big and tipping the scales at about 280kg it is a heavy bike but not excessive for what it is. Does it have any faults?
Only one, the price!

Kevin Songhurst

kevin songhurst

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